Succulents and their size and their growth .

We ship 1000′s and 1000′s of succulents out weekly, all over the country, all year round for dozens of events every week.  Selling succulents is what we do full time!

a question that comes up periodically is my succulents are smaller than I thought they would be.  Valid response.  We sell succulents in different sized containers.  Our top seller is our succulent favor in it’s plastic square 2″ container.  They are cheap, $1.50 or so, and they are cute!  But consider a 2″ square, that’s not too big??  And then factor in that the succulent inside that container may be even smaller, you are dealing with a very cute, but smaller sized favor.  But…… succulents grow!  Sometimes they grow faster when it’s hotter outside, days are longer, and they are properly cared for!  Part of our business is shipping these little guys in their little containers, all over the country.  do a youtube search on mishandled packages, and our succulents are handled often the same.  Boxes are thrown, kicked, punched, dropped, rolled etc.  fortunately we pack well and they are resilient little guys!  sometimes some soil gets displaced, sometimes more soil than others, but 99.9% of the time the succulents are just fine.   Pinch up the soil, repack it gently and give a drink!   Watch our video on this! 

So back to the size of the succulents.  We have found that they ship best when their diameter is less than 2″ across, which means less than 2″ across! Smaller than 2″!   Some of our pictures show some of them being full and lush and their edges hanging over their containers, but this is usually not how we’ll ship them unless they are super hardy types that handle bumps better than others.  So what we often have do is factor in that if we ship a box on the 1st, and it takes 4 days to arrive to it’s destination, DAY 5, and (we usually always try and ship our plants to arrive 7-10 days prior to an event), DAY 12-15, it’s usually close to 2 weeks before they will actually be used in an event.  So how much can a succulent grow in 1-2 weeks?

We are going to see.  Picture was taken today, I will update in 1 week, and then 2.   So before complaining about your succulent being smaller than you thought it would be, give it another week until your event and then reassess.  It’s likely there will still be growth, even during the coldest winters if kept warm inside and cared for properly.   And if 2″ still sounds too small, consider our awesome and much fuller 2.5″ specialty line and our  larger guys in 4″ containers!!

Thanks for reading and ordering!  We truly appreciate your business!

and don’t hesitate to ask questions!






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