CUTTINGS Specific Succulent Species - 10 Count


10 Cuttings Per Order - Choose From our various types of Succulent Cuttings

Types of: 

Crassula Mini Pine Tree Tetragona Succulent Cuttings
Crassula perforata Succulent Cuttings aka String of buttons 
Red Tipped Large Leaf Jade
Mother of thousands succulent cuttings
Mini Jade Leaf Succulent Cuttings
Panda Ear Succulent Cuttings Kalanche family
Sedeveria California Sunset Succulent Cuttings
Sedeveria Coppertone cuttings
Senecio Blue Chalk Finger Succulent Cuttings

and many more!!!!

These are simple succulent cuttings, not show specimens, they may(likely, like all of us) have flaws, spots, etc. if you don't like a leaf or 2, you can often take off and reroot into a new succulent!  If some leaves do the same during shipping, replant or throw away, succulents naturally lose/drop leaves in life.  Some of the cuttings you can turn into multiple smaller ones too!  Have fun with them and get creative!!

Colors can vary/change based on multiple factors, time of year, heat/cold, length of day, watering/lack of watering etc.

Please see our videos, blogs, and Questions page for rooting info!!  Place in the shade and wait a few weeks and they’ll begin to root.  You can also lay on top of soil and the same thing will happen.  Succulent cuttings but a lot cheaper for those with a little patience!

**Contact us to discuss orders over 500 cuttings**


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

Always received beautiful cuttings! They leave some extra leafs for propagating &the healthy cuttings take root almost right away for some!👍🏻🌱

Loved the cuttings

Used the cuttings to make terrariums for a bridal shower. The videos and help from the website as well as the individual support via phone calls were outstanding.
I would highly recommend the Succulent Source for any project that uses succulents.

Will order again!

My husband loved the plants and cuttings we ordered and the amount of cuttings you get was impressive. Especially the quality of the cuttings, some of them even already had roots growing!


I am so impressed with this company! I ordered many cuttings and they arrived in beautiful shape! I had to tweek my order and they were so nice and helpful!! This is actually the best customer service I have ever experienced. Their plants are amazing too!!!

Quick shipment and healthy cuttings!!

Received my cuttings and they all looked great! I was very excited to receive them. I ordered the crassula red tips which a few of them did have mealy bugs in them but the others were perfectly healthy. The mini jade was and is my favorite and they were all perfect! I definitely will continue to order from them. Thank you for the quick shipment :)