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ASSORTED Succulent CUTTINGS from a variety of our stock succulent. plants. Generally 1-5 inches in length and comprised of approx 1/4 Rosette Shapes, 3/4 Assorted.   If you are looking for lots of colors, we recommend looking at our rosette only listings.  Non rosette succulents tend to have far more green hues vs the colorful pastels of rosette shapes.

** Succulent cuttings have been cut from their mother/main plant so therefore no longer have any way to take in water.  They will slowly decline in appearance until they are rooted at which time they will begin perking up quickly.  ** If you are using any cuttings for events, please let us know in a note during checkout as then we will ship accordingly.**

  Our point being, succulent cuttings will often look worse before looking better, allow rooting to insure this!



The pictures are a representation of assorted succulents that originated mainly from cuttings. These are healthy CUTTINGS from our Licensed Nursery. Your lot may vary from the picture, but you will receive a variety of shapes, textures and sizes. Cuttings could include Crassulas, haworthias, Aloes, Kalanchoes, Aeoniums, Echeverias, etc.

These cuttings work great for creating Living Wall arrangements, succulent dishes/gardens, succulent wreaths, topiaries etc. They root quickly as well and as they grow and fill in, you can trim them yourself and have additional cuttings! These may also be used for special events to add to your décor! These are not ideal for weddings and events as they may have been cut days, weeks prior and are closer to the rooting stage. 

Note:  Some cuttings have smaller length stems than others, Floral Pins etc. are often used to hold them down until they have naturally established their own roots to keep them tight!  Please see various youtube videos showing how cuttings can be secured for wreaths, walls etc.

For Wedding cuttings, please see our Rosette wedding succulent cuttings! They are more appropriate for bouquets, corsages and boutineers and other uses where you want more color "Pop"!.

If you are looking for larger type cuttings, or larger amounts, please convo us.


And please see our Cutting FAQ for all the info needed on rooting these succulent cuttings!

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