Peruvianus Peruvian Torch Cactus Cuttings and Potted specimens

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Peruvianus Torch Cactus Cuttings and Potted specimens ...  Peruvian Torch 

Each cutting is approximately 12 inches in length.

*******Currently all Cuttings are WITH Full Spines, ready to be potted!!  These will be cut fresh and allowed to dry/callous a few days .

 Why Cuttings? Because it is the simplest way to propagate ornamental columnar cactus! Seeds take years to grow before reaching 1-2 feet in length. Cuttings take just a few weeks to a few months to begin rooting and becoming established growing cactus. What a head start! It is also cheaper to ship a cutting/s vs potted cactus. Time and money makes sense to me. Please read our Cactus cutting FAQ on how to grow your cactus cutting!

Potted Peruvian torches may have started as cuttings that were clipped, all new growth will have natural thorn length as can be seen in pictures.


Part of the Trichocereus family, cousins of San Pedro and Bridgesii, these are healthy cuts that are ready to be placed in the ground or in decorative pots.  These guys may have had their thorns trimmed for storing and shipping!  All new growth will have full length thorns though. Handle with care, gloves are recommended. They grow well with a little love!  We can do larger, smaller cuttings, we also sell them potted and in larger quanities, contact us for more information.

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