Peruvian Torch Cactus Peruvianus Cuttings and Potted specimens

 Please read all! 

We are collectors and sellers of cacti, we do not claim to be experts in identification in any way.  The cuttings in these pictures are what I call Peruvian torches.  There is variation in color, stem length, thorns, rib form, thickness etc.  There is natural variation in the wild as well. If the pictures do not look like the kind of cactus you'd like to add to your collection, please simply don't purchase these and everyone will be happy, thanks.

Peruvianus Torch Cactus Cuttings and Potted specimens ...  Peruvian Torch 

Each cutting is approximately 11-12 inches in length.

*******Currently all Cuttings are WITH Full Spines, ready to be potted!!  

 Why Cuttings? Because it is the simplest way to propagate ornamental columnar cactus! Seeds take years to grow before reaching 1-2 feet in length. Cuttings take just a few weeks to a few months to begin rooting and becoming established growing cactus. What a head start! It is also cheaper to ship a cutting/s vs potted cactus. Time and money makes sense to me. Please read our Cactus cutting FAQ on how to grow your cactus cutting!

Potted Peruvian torches may have started as cuttings that were clipped, all new growth will have natural thorn length as can be seen in pictures.

 **We make cuttings weekly but depending on multiple factors, your cuttings may need to wait to be cutt and or calloused prior to shipping, we try and ship cactus cuts out quickly but our #1 goal is they are dry when leaving and dry when they arrive so please be patient especially on larger # orders. **Lengths can vary by 1" or so, sometimes an inch less, sometimes an inch more, we always try and cut the healthiest/nicest looking cutting.  Email us if you have questions**.

Cuttings are cuttings, these are not show cacti, they may have blemishes, scars etc. as do almost all cactus unless very sheltered from others bumping them etc.  If you are giving these away for a wedding or birthday gift, please be realistic, and or email us in advance to discuss looking for a super blemish free cutting. Picture of the 4 below shows a variation in color, shape, marks etc.  We grow our cacti in full sun, partial sun, and complete shade, as well as in different soil types on our multi acre properties.  We've been collecting different cacti and succulents for 15 plus years, if you order 4 cuttings and all 4 look slightly different, it just means they came from different areas on our property growing under different conditions.

*** pictures also show how a cactus can have misc. scratches, scars etc. towards the base but new growth and new pups will eventually hide and lower marks.  Ocassionally a tip may have some marks, these too will eventually move down the sifde with new growth being blemish free.

Blog on propagating your cacti.

Please read our FAQ on How to Root your Cuttings!


Customer Reviews

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Healthy cuttings

Very pleased with the quality of the cutting and time it took to ship. Cutting arrived only a few days after ordering and looked very healthy. Would/will buy again!

Beautiful plants

Wonderfully wrapped and shipped. Just as expected and a welcome addition to my home!

San Pedro and Peruvian Torch

Ordered 2 San Pedro and @ Peruvian Torch.They came within a week of me placing my order and they are huge 12'' cutting.Great color and still has large spines.Very Health and best price i found online.Thanks again

Fast delivery item as described

Highly recommended. High quality

Healthy Cutting

I received my cactus within a week of ordering using standard shipping. For a 24" cutting, that's pretty fast. The cut was thick and well calloused with no sign of rot. Ribs are nice and thick. I will definitely be buying more plants from the Succulent Source!!

Glad you liked your big torch cutting! Thanks for your business!

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