Crassula Jade type Cuttings and Potted by Blaise

Size: Jade cut 10-12"
$ 12 / per cutting
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Jade, Jade and Jade!  You can never have enough Jade!  Lengths and types will vary per listings.

Giant piece of Jade Cutting similar in size to the picture!  Colors will vary based on sun exposure and time of the year.  The more direct sunlight, the more red the tips/edges will become.  The more shade/less direct light, the greener.

We can sell larger pieces, multiple pieces etc.  We have 5-6 types as well, just contact us if you would like to discuss a custom order.

**POTTED jade types can include mini, rainbow, variegated, ET Fingers, Gollum etc. These are potted in 1 Nursery Gallon plastic containers.  Approx. 12-15" in height from soil to top.  Our stock is always changing. Leaves and branches can break during shipping regardless of how well packed.  Simply put broken pieces into some soil and learn propagation!  All of our Jade type plants started out as cuttings!  And what they look like now will be entirely different in 6 months, a year etc.  Trim them, give them a haircut, treat them like a bonsai or just let them grow out!

***Important***Cuttings can change shape during shipping, they are soft stemmed plants, even thick and large ones can flatten during storage and shipping. After jade has been cut it becomes very limp. Branches are floppy and leaves will wrinkle. It will look worse before better as it needs to root and fill back up with water!!  Individual stems and leaves can break off, dont despair, just repot these as well, it happens naturally in real life so please expect a few pieces to break!!  Simply allow them to root and naturally fill out to regular shape.  Treat these guys like Bonsais, trim them to your desired shape, save the cuttings for additional pots!  Larger cuttings may need sticks or rocks etc. to help them stay upright during the rooting process. Flowers show their bloom in January.  Flowers may or may not be present, if dried, you can simply cut or pull them off.  These are all grown from mature specimens in the ground, some leaves can have imperfections, spots, etc. this is normal!  Leaves and branches can break during shipping, simply replant, we cannot guarantee every branch and leaf will stay intact despite our careful packing.  Over-watering is the number #1 cause of rot and death.  Jades can go months w/o water, their leaves will begin to wrinkle which is a great sign they are thirsty.  Don't let your jades sit in water, drainage holes are great!!  Jades stressed from water and in full hot sun can bring out more red hues.  Jade can also sunburn if too hot etc.  Slowly introduce all succulents to full hot sun or you may risk a bad sunburn.  Protect from freezing temps too!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Unexpectedly great

Two cuttings arrived much larger than expected and exceptionally healthy. They also included two cute little succulents which I immediately planted in my succulent mixture which made a fantastic addition. Looking forward to the growing season!

Should have bought 3!

Beyond thrilled with my jade cutting. Large, healthy and beautiful just like I wanted and even beyond my expectations. An amazing value for the size and quality. My only regret is that I should have ordered a few more to keep or give away especially to save in shipping costs. Highly highly recommend!!

Lovely cutting

I love supporting projects for kids and really wanted a jade plant so couldn't resist ordering a cutting from Blaise. The cutting was HUGE! About 12" tall by 12" wide. It was well wrapped and arrived in great condition. The trunk and branches were in perfect condition and only a few leaves had fallen off. The branch is so large I wasn't sure how to get it to root so I wrote and asked for advice from The Succulent Source. I got a response and have my branch in a pot with a frame to support it until it has roots of its own. Fingers crossed that it works! I can't wait to see this lovely guy standing up on its own!

Potted and thriving

Gave mine a nice trim, which was t necessary just me. Planted in a very lightly damp soil mix, still waiting to give a good watering! Looks great and has new growth on both already.

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