Fairy Planters - Say It with Succulents

These cute miniature stump planters with live succulents are perfect for your fairy garden. Each one has a different fairy to add some whimsy to your garden or home decor. There are holes in the bottom for easy drainage

Measurements: May vary per pot - H: approximately 3.25" W" approximately 2.5"

Succulents make wonderful gifts! Our succulent plants make the perfect gift for your loved one. Send succulents to anyone for birthdays, congrats, sympathy, and more!

Succulent gifts are a step above flower because they last! Succulent gifts will be in their lives for years so send a succulent to your loved one today!

Customer Reviews

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So cute!

The engraved pot is adorable and oh-so-cute, and (as with everything here) the plant quality and shipping times were top notch. I only wish I had more disposable income to sink into many more of these adorable plants.

Adorable gift

I sent this to my best friend to congratulate her on her engagement and she loved it! And the “Let Love Grow” engraving could not have been for a more perfect occasion. Thank you Succulent Source family! I’ve recommended your products to so many people and they love your selection.

A "Just Because"

I have been out of the country for some period of time now due to my occupation and I wanted to get my wife something that would make her smile. I thought about flowers but it crossed my mind that they would eventually die off, probably sooner than later. Somehow cacti and succulents crossed my mind. Unbeknownst to me, and later to find out, she actually loves succulents. I listen... ok, sometimes I could do better lol. So, I ordered the "Vintage Glass" set and she loves them. I think it helps from time-to-time to have a reminder that I'm thinking about her and succulents are great for that, they're aesthetically pleasing, make nice pieces for decorations, and they live for a long period of time with little maintenance. The Succulent Source did a great job, friendly, as described, and super quick shipment. Solid work.

cori s get well

beautiful arrangement...

Perfect Gift

Perfect Birthday Gift for our daughter living far away she loved it. Arrived on time as promised. Boxed up very nicely. Thank you