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 Trays 1-10  -  49 2.5" assorted succulents in each tray - These are not recommended for events. *******Overgrown, under-grown, and or slightly damaged, nibbled on etc. we are not selling these for events,  great head start on the future, get creative with them, all assorted colors.  May need also need tidying up on older/lower leaves when transplanted, make cuttings and restart some if trying to shorten their height etc.*******


**Quarantine plants. These may have a mealy bug, mealy bugs, or at one point had mealy bugs. We dont use pesticides other than over the counter veggie bug soap. Instead of throwing away, a lot of beautiful rosettes here that need a little 1 on 1. use rubbing alcohol and q tips, tweezers, or whatever. sold as is, generally these would be minimal bugs as anything w a lot gets tossed as a no saver.**

 ** PLEASE also order a heat pack if temps are freezing in your state.

Customer Reviews

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Facebook special

So this was my first time ordering from the succulent source (FYI I’ve already ordered again)I ordered a Facebook special what a wonderful way to get a veriatie of different succulents they were just for me not a event and I love them. Packaging was fabulous and I’m not close I’m in South Georgia tall succulents were individuality wrapped to protect. Almost all were perfect wish I had ordered more but I’m just learning how to keep these happy and alive I love the info and resources succulent source offer I learned so much. I had a few loose loose leaves that had already started to root extra bonus for me and some of succulents and baby pups growing what a deal great for someone like me just starting out but wanting a verity of different succulents to see what will grow well in my house and excellent customer service when I had a question and I also ordered some air plants and a jade cutting from the boys corner customer for life

Better than expected

I was expecting some rough plants and cuttings that would need TLC. I received nice looking small plants that I could just stick in the ground and walk away. NONE of them died or were even stressed by the process. Luckily they were also very well packed for shipping, as the driver left them upside down in front of my door. The plants were absolutely fine. Very pleased with the whole experience.

Excellent Variety and Packaging

The plants were packed so well that none were damaged and they arrived with very little dirt spilled into the box.

Best Deal Ever!

This was such a great deal. I purchased FB#8, and while it advertised 64 plants, I’d like to think I got more. A couple of pots had multiple succulents in them. I also found 2-3 fallen leaves that already started sprouting babies. And after giving them some TLC, they all looked fantastic. Another great purchase from Succulent Source! 😁


I just absolutely love the cutting you sent in your last shipment! At only .77 cents each how can you lose? I ordered 60 and it was enough to fill a 13” wreath! I only had to use a few of my own for filling small areas but I just LOVE the way it turned out!