Hanging Sedum Donkey Tails

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******We are selling these strictly for you to grow out and enjoy down the road.  They are VERY Fragile and their delicate leaves WILL come off during shipping no matter how we pack them.  Do not purchase for an event!  Buy one and allow it time to regrow any lost leaves/petals!  If happy for a few years, they become one of the most impressive hanging succulents out there.  Thick and bushy and long!      PLEASE DO NOT order unless you understand we cannot be responsible for any damage on these guys, they will grow back once reestablished and cared for!!!!!

A popular and low-maintenance plant to grow in a sunny window. It is a slow-growing variety, but can grow to several feet in length with a little love and patience. This plant is also extremely easy to propagate!! This plant will ship in it’s 6 inch pot with hangers. Your donkey tail will be similar but may vary from the picture in this listing. 

**Don't water for the first few weeks after arrival unless they are extremely dry.

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