Exact TWO Bridgesii Cactus Cuttings approx 24" "Bridge 1&2" FREE Shipping

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Exact Two Trichocereus Bridgesii ornamental cuttings 24"   FREE SHIPPING

Nice girth/thickness, ready to be potted/rooted!!    

Misc. black spots on Bridgesii occur when bumped/pierced by other spines etc.  Black color will eventually turn to regula scar color in 4-6 weeks.

**** Cactus FAQ  https://thesucculentsource.com/pages/cactus-cuttings-faq 

All cactus cuttings have flaws, knicks, scars, bent/broken spines, marks, discolorations etc.  Please see pictures, request more if you need to see every inch in detail!

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