Exact Potted Trichocereus variegated Terschekii Cactus #C200 in 6" plastic container FREE SHIPPING

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 Exact Potted Cactus #C200 in 6" plastic container FREE SHIPPING

I believe this is a TrichocereusTerschekii, variegared!! Please email me if incorrect!!

Happy and healthy cactus ready for a new home!

Does have a few older scab marks on backside, top looks great as does front, new growth will outgrow scars!!!

Handle with CARE  and please see our FAQ for basic care info.

**Cactus are not perfect, they may have small flaws, we try and photograph all sides of a cactus including any flaws that catch our attention, but please do not expect every spine to be perfect, these are growing cactus and like people, they have character!



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