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Based on stock available, you will receive three different Cotyledon type plants potted in their 1 gallon plastic containers based on what we have in stock.    Sizes may vary based on stock and other factors, we always try and send the fullest/healthiest plants,  but size will vary.  Colors can also vary, direct hot sunlight can intensify reds on some, they get sun marks/freckles, these pictured are all grown in full sun!!!   Slowly acclimate to full hot sun and monitor yours to make sure they are happy/healthy.  Lots of shade can darken their greens.  Easy to take cuttings from these guys!    Ready to Repot in nice new container, Beautiful addition to your succulent collection!

** Some of these pictured are close looking to each other  either in shape or color, it' is possible 2 of the 3 may be very similar but still different type/hybrid**

***If some leaves are brown, wrinkled, cracked, simply/gently pull off/cut and or throw away.  Lots of leaves on these so please expect to lose a few, you can always try and repot them as cuttings!   And if a piece breaks, it's the nature of shipping succulents and life in the real world, simply allow to dry and replant!  We cannot replace or refund you for some broken leafs, stems etc.*****.  

***Hummingbirds and other critters love their Flower blooms, pictures taken in late April, they will bloom throughout the summer here in CA.  When the blooms dry, simply cut and toss!

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