Cactus of the Month Club


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*Choose the Winter Heat Pack option if you live in a cold area the next few months, we are not responsible for frozen plants!

- All cactus some with easy carry handles

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Service and Plants

First of all, all of the cacti are in amazing shape when you get them. We water ours and leave them on the windowsill a few days before transplanting the cacti outdoors. We live in a cold weather state so we plant them in a container so they can be brought indoors in the winter. The service is also amazing. We moved a few months ago and although I was sure I had changed the address with succulent source, the address change was not in the system. Our plants were delivered to our old address and we had difficulty getting the plants forwarded due to a mail glitch. Succulent Source wonderfully stepped in and for the price of shipping replaced our order. As you know, very few businesses back up their products like that.

A gift from my daughters

I'm loving my 3-month cactus club that my three adult daughters got for me for Father's day. The only negative is that two of the 5 cacti (the first month selections) were unidentified. Looking forward to the arrival of my second month package.


We get excited when the package arrives every month! Could something (maybe compostable) other than the white styrofoam “peanuts” be used for packaging?

Loved cactus of the month!

I ordered "cactus of the month club" for my husband for christmas this year. We've loved it! Each month a box of 5 or so cactuses arrived on our doorstep. Each cactus more unique than the next. We got the 3 month subscription and would definitely recommend to all!


I am new to cactus, the plants I received were in excellent shape,the Silver Arrow has several flowers on it,the rest are growing very nicely. Happy that I joined the Cactus of the month club,looking forward to the November shipment.