Bridgesii Four Corner 4 Wind Unique 4 Ribbed cactus CUTTING approx. 12"

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 RARE Bridgesii Four Corners 4 sided Top Cut 10-12″ cactus cutting ... in their life they can switch to more ribs, or a larger ribbed piece drops to four ribs.  We very rarely see these growing this way, 5,6,7 ribs are super common!  Great addition to any cacti collection!

**there are imperfections on cuttings, snail nibbles in the past, bumps etc. any scars will be outgrown as these get larger and taller every year.  Sometimes Bridgesii will also change rib counts for whatever reasons, a 4 rib can become a 5-6 rib, a 7 rib can change into a 4 rib.  I don't know why this happens, it's simply God 's way of doing things via nature!!

See our Cactus Cutting FAQ on potting/rooting instructions.

Why Cuttings? Because it is the simplest way to propagate ornamental columnar cactus! Seeds take years to grow before reaching 1-2 feet in length. Cuttings take just a few weeks to a few months to begin rooting and becoming established growing cactus. What a head start! It is also cheaper to ship a cutting/s vs potted cactus. Time and money makes sense to me. Please read our Cactus cutting FAQ on how to grow your cactus cutting!


**** Cactus FAQ

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