Big Mac Cactus Macrogonus Trichocereus Cutting

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Length is approx. 12"  Big fat and heavy and that's why they are called Big Macs!

Why Cuttings? Because it is the simplest way to propagate columnar cactus! Seeds take years to grow before reaching 1-2 feet in length. Cuttings take just a few weeks to a few months to begin rooting and becoming established growing cactus. What a head start! It is also cheaper to ship a cutting/s vs potted cactus. Time and money makes sense to me. Please read our Cactus cutting FAQ on how to grow your cactus cutting!

**Full spines on these cuttings.

And check out our other Trichocereus type cuttings.  We also sell these guys potted, email for info!

**** Cactus FAQ

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