5 Assorted Aloe Collection in 3.5" containers

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 This is a collection of 5 Assorted Aloes in 3.5" containers.   A great addition to your current collection or awesome way to start.  Aloes will vary based on current stock, you may get all, some or none from the pictures, but all will be different and beautiful!  Repeat, this is a listing for 5 different Aloe types.  Many are hybrids, these guys come w/ a sticker ID and basic care info.

$42 includes Shipping!

***Some tips may already be naturally dried, broken etc, this is natural for a succulent with so many fragile tips, but we always do our very best to send the nicest plants available.  Brown tips will be minimal but this is just a heads up for anyone expecting absolute perfection in a living succulent with fragile tips.  Please remember that these are babies in their 3.5" containers and we'll continue growing, we just want to be very clear about tips when they are this small, any damage will be outgrown when they find permanent homes that they can grow into!

**Sometimes another species hybrid can be included to insure all 5 are different.  There is a lot of hybridization in the succulent world and some species look extremely similar to Aloes, an example being some Haworthia types.***

**Soil can get displaced during shipping, simply pinch the soil back into their containers, straighten their position and give a gentle drink/rinse of water.** 

Below is a great link to wiki describing more about Aloes!


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