Debra Lee Baldwin Succulent Author

Debra Lee Baldwin is a garden photojournalist who authored the bestsellers: Designing with Succulents, Succulent Container Gardens and Succulents Simplified.


When asked where to shop for succulents online, I recommend The Succulent Source.

I've visited owners Darren and Lara Irwin, met their darling little boys, and toured their highly efficient nursery and mail order operation. The Irwins really care about their customers, and provide robust, picture-perfect succulents! 


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Featured Compositions

These compositions featured in my online Craftsy class were made with plants available from The Succulent Source:

succulent arrangement class succulent berry bown
succulent color wheel succulent bouqet succulent wreath


My Recommendations

 You can't go wrong with anything from The Succulent Source.

Here are great assortments for weddings, bouquets, craft projects, wreaths, potted combos,
miniature landscapes, terrariums and more:

 2" Succulent & Cactus Mixsucculent cactus mix for sale 2 inch

 2" Rosette Only Succulentsrosette only succulent mix for sale

4" Rosette Only Assortment
4 inch rosette succulents for sale

Rosette Succulent Cuttingsrosette wedding succulent cuttings