Echeveria Blue Rose Imbricata Succulent - 1 Gallon

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Echeveria Blue Rose Imbricata in 1 gallon container, some have 1 large rosettes, others may have multiple rosette heads.  Transfer out of the plastic container into a new home, these are gorgeous succulents that will flourish if properly cared for.  Watering is very important w/ succulents , please read our FAQ on succulent care.

****These are older, mature plants, it takes a few years for them to reach this size, they may have imperfections(like we all do), but they will continue to grow and produce new pups around them.

Customer Reviews

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Meagan M. Meagan
Love it

I'd been eyeing one of these on another site and longing for it to come in stock when I realized that the succulent source had one! And a huge one at that, compared to the 2" size I'd have gotten at the other site! Plus it came with two babies!

kristin Helmuth k.H. kristin H.
Great customer service and quality product

I placed my second large order with Succulent Source and requested no purple succulents in my order. The order arrived with purple succulents in it so I contacted the company. Becky kindly e-mailed me back and sent me several new succulents and completely owned up to the honest mistake. Now THAT is customer service. I am happy to write a good review, as I have had a great experience using them. The succulents always come in great condition and the quality is just superb. Highly recommended.

Thank you for your succulent order. We are so glad we were able to fix our error. We strive to make our customers happy. Please tell your friends and family about our low succulent prices and quick shipping.
Nancy McCarthy N.M. Nancy M.
My new passion - succulents!

I was very excited to receive my new succulents. They arrived in perfect condition and I'm anxious to see them grow. I will send pictures when the Echeveria Blue gets bluer.

Thank you for ordering the Echeveria Blue Rose Imbricata Succulent. So glad you are enjoying it. Can't wait to see pics. ENJOY!!!

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