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Three different Agaves based on Stock, all are fully rooted in their 1 gallon plastic containers.  These guys will all continue to grow, many already have small pups within their container.  Pictures are just what we had available during pictures, we also rotate another 10 or so others.  Most will come labeled with small white tag in their soil.

***Agaves have sharp tips and edges, always handle with gloves and open box carefully with gloves!

**Agave tips get bent/broken, especially on the older outside edges naturally in life.  As Agaves grow, you'll often trim/cut the older branches/leaves to clean up their appearance and this also allows them to fit better in containers and allows room for new pups to grow and pop out!  See pics below.  We often cut the tips off our decorative ones in the yard to keep our kid legs and dog noses safe.  Sometimes tips get bent or broken during shipping regardless of how well we pack.  We will not refund you or ship out a new Agave simply because some tips are not perfect.  We do guarantee the Agaves to be healthy, and any blemishes will be outgrown in their future growth. assuming they are happy in their new conditions!

 Agaves are exotic, drought-tolerant plants with an amazing garden structure. The agave plant, native to the Southwest and Mexico, fascinates us with its gorgeous array of species. Agaves are called century plants since some species take 100 years to flower in the wild. After development of fruit, the original plant dies, but “suckers” are frequently produced from the base of the stem, which become new plants. You will love all the babies you will get from these agaves, plus some of them make Tequila!!!

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