Mesemb Mimicry Succulents - Assorted Sizes and other Exact type options

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Mesembs also known as Mimicry succulents are some of the most interesting and primitive looking succulents out there!  Naturally found in hot, dry desert type environments where water is an uncommon visitor.  This listing is for 5 different mesemb type plants, potted in their plastic round 2.5" containers.  They come labeled and ready for you to enjoy.  Pictured are some of the types we have, but there are also others not pictured.  Our stock varies weekly, monthly and seasonally, we'll always do our very best to ship out the nicest variety of mesemb mimicry succulents we have available!

***Some Mesembs can shed their skin, they can have nicks and marks and small scars, imperfections,  just like people. 

Really, really watch your watering w/ these guys, google info on each and learn what they like, they are not your common succulent that just needs water when dry, don't water when wet maintenance.  sometimes these guys need to be left dry for months!

***Baby Toes are very fragile.  Sometimes some of their many stems can get cracked and or damaged during shipping.  They are one of the most interesting succulents out there so when we have them available, we'll try and include them.  Damage will eventually be outgrown.  If this is an issue, please make a note during checkout not to include Baby Toes, but it will be your loss!   :)

Sometimes soil gets displaced during shipping, and sometimes a plant can come out of it's container, just gently place back in, it won't kill the plant, many mesembs are grown from seeds and are transplanted and moved multiple times during their lives!

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Will order again

Just wanted to say thank you for filling my special request. Everything was received packed nicely, in place and healthy. I will certainly do business again with you. Allan

out of this world

i love them came fast i could not have got any better i love all your plants not one messed up and ready to bloom thank u sooo much i will be shopping again( not the aloinopsis schoonesii) but just look at them the best thank u for such a great job

the best

came fast love them will shop again


These little succulents are perfect. Great selection of mimicry plants and the cost is reasonable too. haven't planted them yet, working on ideas and waiting for a new planter. Thank you succulent source for your attention to detail,i.e.packaging-superb!!!

My newest adventure!

I researched the reviews before purchasing, I am very very happy at how quickly my order came. They were packed very nicely. The plants are bigger than I expected them to be! I already shared the information with friends interested. I will purchase again and recommend this company. Thank you so much! I am super excited about this new venture.

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