18 CUSTOM Pail Stickers

18 CUSTOM Pot / Pail Stickers

Let us do all the hard work for you! Add-on these CUSTOM cute little favor stickers to express your love and thanks to all your guests! 

Just pick your options; we'll make your stickers, pack and mail them!

  • We only print in BLACK ink, sorry no colors.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for custom stickers as they cannot be resold.
  • These are for our 2" and 2.5" sized pails / pots. 
  • If you need 19...20...21 stickers, you must buy 2 sets! We do not give free stickers with orders. 
  • DO NOT put stickers on then water the plants!!! The Ink WILL RUN! 

**Note: if ordering these with succulents, they will ship separately. They are made offsite by our custom printer**

*NOTE: These do not come on the pails. You must put them on yourself! Only takes a few seconds per sticker!

Turn around time is usually 1-2 days. 


  • 18 Custom Pail Stickers

Size -  2.25 wide x 1.5 tall

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The stickers turned out good. A little hard to peal off the backing.

DelVal University

The succulent plants were beautiful, however we ordered the 4" succulents and 4" pails but the labels were too small for the pails. When I contacted the printer he said they are only used to making labels for 3" pots. It would have been an easy fix to just enlarge the artwork that was provided.
If you offer 4" plants and pots you should be able to get a label that works with the 4" pots

We are sorry to hear that you were not happy with the size of the tags. It does clearly state on our website: 'These are for our 2' and 2.5' sized pails / pots.' Truly they can go on any container but they will obviously look small on larger containers. Your picture and display is very lovely.

Buckets and stickers were a great addition to the cacti!

Beautiful Addition!

Absolutely loved how all of the pales turned out! I highly recommend ordering some for your special occasions!

Personalized Pail Stickers

The custom stickers were perfect! Quick and easy to apply and completed the look! Loved them!