BRIDGESII Trichocereus Achuma Cactus cuttings and potted

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   Please read all!

Each cutting is approximately 11-12 inches in length, dried, spines have NOT been cut for easier shipping, so be careful,  and they are ready to be potted. (closeup in 1 pictured shows Bridges with clipped spines), as of now, all spines will be natural)

We sell these cuttings in different styles, please see pictures and options to make sure you are ordering the types of cuttings you want.  Depending on season and weather/rain, we do our best to ship them completely dry, but sometimes they may not be based on time, please see our Trich cutting FAQ on how to simply slice  a little off the end if it is damaged from being to damp in shipping, not often, just disclosing!

**Segmented and middle cuts will all grow new pups from the top section that has been cut!** Some customers prefer 1 uniform cactus, others like the multiple growths, I like both!  Segmented cuttings are generally smaller than top cuts as well.  Segmented tend to be thinner than regular top cuts.

Middle cut means that there generally is not any new growth on the top section, it may have had that piece cut off recently.  New growth will grow from the top section, plant into the soil w/ the marked arrow facing up, under the soil line, not w/ the arrow at top pointing down!  Middle cuts may also be partially segmented. 

Why Cuttings? Because it is the simplest way to propagate ornamental columnar cactus! Seeds take years to grow before reaching 1-2 feet in length. Cuttings take just a few weeks to a few months to begin rooting and becoming established growing cactus. What a head start! It is also cheaper to ship a cutting/s vs potted cactus. Time and money makes sense to me. Please read our Cactus cutting FAQ on how to grow your cactus cutting!

**We make cuttings weekly but depending on multiple factors, your cuttings may need to wait to be cutt and or calloused prior to shipping, we try and ship cactus cuts out quickly but our #1 goal is they are dry when leaving and dry when they arrive so please be patient especially on larger # orders.  Email us if you have questions**.

All are ready to be planted/potted. 

Bridgesii are generally not as large as San Pedro’s, they tend to be skinnier and also tend to scar easier.  These are NOT show specimens, they will likely have misc. scars and possibly 2 joints from being cut previously but when repotted, they will create new  unblemished growth if cared for properly.

The plant varies in green color hues and usually has 5 to 8 ribs. It can grow 2–5 m tall with stems of up to 15–20 cm in diameter. Spines can range in coloration from honey-colored to brown, and are located on the nodes in groups of up to 4. These spines can grow up to 6–7 cm in length and in fully grown plants are spaced evenly on the ribs, 2.5 to 3 cm apart.

We also sell potted bridgesiis and very rare 4 ribbed cuttings, contact us for info or check for a listing. 

Potted cactus are generally ready to be repotted into new homes, they are in basic stock growing containers, they will benefit from new soil and room to grow.

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**** Cactus FAQ

****As a Disclaimer, ALL of our CACTUS, whether potted or as cuttings are sold strictly for ornamental pleasure! They look awesome and they’re fun to grow and collect! Please don’t ask us if we sell any cactus that will make you smarter, we don’t. Please don’t ask us if we sell any cactus that will make you more attractive, we don’t. Grow hair? we don’t! Lose weight? we don’t. Grow muscles? we don’t!****


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Buck Wolf B.W. Buck W.
Great Service

Great service and the cuttings that arrive were great.

Na N. Na

Shipping method sucks! There is only one shipping option. And my order went from one side of the US then came back to the central US making the shipment " delayed" and take longer then it was supposed to, to get here. The actual Cactus is nice.

Sorry, but we have no control over USPS and FEDEX shipping glitches, happy your cactus arrived safely and in good condition despite the short delay.
Blaise Rainville B.R. Blaise R.
3 Achuma cuttings

I ordered 3 Achuma cuttings and 2 out of the 3 where beautiful specimens with no rot to speak of. The third was slightly stunted and I had to cut off about an inch of the cactus to prevent further damage. Beyond that complaint I was very satisfied with my order and will use the Succulent Source again.

Ashley middleton A.m. Ashley m.
consistently healthy specimens

true bridgessi, always healthy, never any problems rooting.

jeffry hudson j.h. jeffry h.
12" bridgesii cuttings

i've ordered 6 bridgesii cuttings (12" top cuts) and all were excellent specimens. they were securely packaged and shipped within 24 hours of ordering. i've been very pleased with the cactus and ordering experiences with the succulent source and will be ordering more in the future.

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