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As a gift to our amazing friends of Debra Lee Baldwin, add this FREE succulent to your order of succulents and or cactus!

Limit 1 per order. We check the quantity.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicole J.
Never disappoints!

I put this in my order thinking it was a mistake on the site that they'd email me about later. I assumed that it would be a "oh, that pricing was incorrect" or "it's only for orders over x amount of dollars". Turns out, this was an honest-to-goodness, healthy, FREE 2 inch plant. I have ordered from this store several times and they never disappoint. They go out of their way to provide a quality product from their family to yours. I appreciate that. Thanks, again!

Elisabeth C.
Cute and health

Well this one is my favorite ever. I think I am going to name her Ms Deb.

Annastasia W.

This succulent has decided to grow multiple sprouts already and it is my ultimate favorite plant! It is a very happy plant!

Connie C.
Thank you!

Great condition!

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